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Castle Shikigami 2 by XS Games




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  • Fantasy Violence
  • Mild Language
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: XS Games
  • Developer: Alpha Dream
  • Category: Shooter

Product Details:

This vertically scrolling shooter is made for fast, arcade-style play. With a premise that sounds like some unusual cross between Space Harrier and Silpheed, the game puts players in control of flying, shooting, super-powered people, instead of futuristic jet fighters or space ships. Characters float forward blasting the countless enemies that seem to attack in spurts and waves, using a combination of standard shots, rapid-fire attacks, and screen-clearing bombs.

* Up to 8 different characters, 1 of which is unlockable

* 2 different character forms which alters their abilities

* Story Mode: View the origins of each main character from the game

* More enemies with increased attack power and patterns featuring 11 main bosses

* 3 different Game Modes: Arcade, Practice and Boss Attack