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Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer by Sony Computer Entertainment




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  • Fantasy Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Developer: VIS Interactive
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Set in a fantastic world based upon the mythology of Native America, the game tells the coming of age story of Brave, a young Native American boy embarking on an epic journey to save his tribe. When his village is set upon by the evil Wendigo, and his friends are enslaved, Brave is sent to find the only one that can free them - Spirit Dancer, the greatest Shaman who ever lived. Hunting snarling evil wolves in a huge forest of towering Redwood trees, canoeing down raging river rapids, tracking the legendary Sasquatch through a swirling blizzard and battling on the back of a buffalo in the middle of a stampede are just some of the breathtaking challenges Brave will face. His journey will take him across a beautifully rich and interactive world inhabited by remarkable characters, bizarre creatures, and terrifying evil spirits.

  • Along Brave's journey he will encounter many enemies, such as giant bees, wolves, grizzly bears, paint beetles, rock goblins, and cliff ogres.
  • Brave will gain a great deal of help from the creatures inhabiting his world, creatures well experienced in surviving the treacherous lands. Brave learns the ancient art of mimicry, allowing him to attract and lure the animals of the forest to help him on his quest.
  • The Spirit Eagle will award Brave with Eagle feathers, which allow him to collect spirit energy and which he can call upon to temporarily make himself stronger and a far deadlier warrior.
  • Brave's journey will need to take in many different terrains. Terrain ranging from lush forests, desert plains, icy lands, raging rivers, the sky above, and even the spirit world.
  • Brave will apply all his abilities to find Spirit Dancer, from swimming, to climbing, to use of the longbow and tomahawk, plus mastery of magical spells, and mystical abilities. Brave will also learn to control numerous means of transport, such as the canoe, the Eagle, and the buffalo.
  • Brave can use the 'mobile stone' to speak to a Spirit Guide for help & advice - three help levels allow difficulty to be tailored to suit different ages.