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Army Men Air Attack 2 by 3DO




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  • Animated Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: 3DO
  • Developer: 3DO
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Join Blade and copilots Woodstock, Hooligan, Hardcore and Bombshell, plus Sarge and Vikki, as the Alpha Wolf Squadron once again takes to the skies with an onslaught of new missions, enhanced helicopters, and more kickin' pyrotechnic weaponry than ever before!

In this Army Men Air Attack sequel, Plastro, the nefarious leader of the Tan Army, has enlisted Tan Air Ace Baron Von Beige to trap Captain William Blade . .

Blade represents a threat to the invasion forces of the Tan Army -- such a great threat that no less than General Plastro and Baron Von Beige, the evil geniuses behind the Tan war effort, scheme to bring him down.

A plan is hatched. It targets Woodstock, flying a solo recon mission in his Huey. An ambush, a shredded tail rotor, a crash landing behind enemy lines. The hook is baited.

Blade mounts a rescue mission. Damn the risks, he must get his man back. At all costs.

The costs are heavy. Hardcore, Bombshell and Hooligan are lost, missing in action. Blade returns alone -- to face not cheers and praise, but a court martial!

Crouched in his cell, Blade mourns his lost comrades and wonders if he's finally reached the end of his rope. Rope, that's funny. His career over, with his whole world crashed down around him,he can only do one thing. He screams.

* Exclusive new interior/exterior environments including Basement and Japanese Garden.

* Multiplayer modes including Cooperative and Head-to-Head.

* Integration of larger world objects not previously possible.

* Advanced control functions take advantage of new analog button technology.

* "Procedural Virtual Terrain" creation produces organic environments with completely unique terrain textures -- no two pieces of terrain look the same.