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Tom Clancy's End War with World in Conflict - Jewel Case by Encore Software

  • Alcohol Reference
  • Blood
  • Language
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Tobacco Reference
  • Violence
  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Encore Software
  • Developer: Encore Software
  • Category: Strategy

Product Details:

Get two thrilling games in this exciting compilation: Tom Clancy's EndWar and World in Conflict - Complete Edition.

Tom Clancy's End War
Experience World War III in your living room with Tom Clancy's EndWar, a revolutionary new game destined to change simulated war-games on the PC platform forever. Nobody thought humanity could possibly let it really come to this, but in 2016, the unthinkable happens... The first nuclear exchange occurred over Middle Eastern soil. It lasted only 5 hours and resulted in the launch of the world's first joint missile defense system to ensure peace, that is, until now. With the United States, the European Federation and Russia at odds a final war is inevitable. Although intercontinental ballistic missiles have been rendered obsolete, command technology has evolved. Now battles will be fought from war rooms. Leaders will rise and countries will fall.

  • Watch the destruction unfold in spectacular detail in massive battles.
  • Experience a chillingly realistic vision of World War III in the fashion of the best techno-thrillers.
  • Explore 40 stunningly realistic real-world battlefields set in Europe and the United States, including Washington D.C., Paris, and Moscow.
  • Go to war online in a persistent multiplayer campaign allowing hundreds of player matchups in battles that can last for months at a time.
  • Deeply customizable armies featuring unit ranks and hundreds of upgrades add up to endless replay value.

World in Conflict - Complete Edition
World in Conflict is the action strategy game where players defend their country, their hometown, and their families in the face of Soviet-led World War III, delivering an epic struggle of courage and retribution. You are a field commander leading the era's most powerful military machines in the heroic effort to turn back the invasion...one city and suburb at a time. This war isn't on television. It's on our soil and in our backyards. Prepare yourself for the most intense strategy game ever created.
Also includes: World in Conflict Soviet Assault expansion. This expansion brings you back to WWII. But this time, you can take control of the Soviet army. Conquer the free world with the era's most powerful military weapons and extend the reach of the iron curtain. World War III still rages but this time, you are the leader of the Soviet-led army who has launched a surprise attack on the US mainland. World in Conflict: Soviet Assault brings you more of the groundbreaking game. In Soviet Assault's single player campaign, you can play as the Soviet army and follow the global invasion from the perspective of the motherland. Expect more Hollywood-quality voice-over performances, tense and emotional storylines and cinematic storytelling.


  • War is Coming Home - Fight in towns, suburbs, and cities based on real-life locations in America, Western Europe, and the USSR. - Experience a chillingly plausible single player campaign crafted by Red Storm Rising co-author and Tom Clancy collaborator Larry Bond.
  • Unmatched Visual Payoff - The battlefield explodes in a fury of cinematic action with World in Conflict's ground breaking graphics technology that supports DirectX 10 and DirectX 9. - Permanently destroy the environment - beautiful, yet deadly artillery, air, and nuclear strikes lay waste to the landscape. - View the conflict from every angle with amazing 360° camera control that can effortlessly get right down in the midst of combat or view the entire battlefield.
  • The Most Intense Strategy Game Ever Created - Choose the units you want right away and join the fight in seconds - its all about explosive action. - Employ breathtaking super weapons like ground-shaking artillery barrages, napalm strikes, and awesome tactical nukes.
  • Fast Paced Teamplay - Battle online with up to 16 players. Coordinate your attacks with VOIP support. - You'll master four different player roles; Air, Armor, Infantry and Support, in the ultimate online teamplay experience. - Drop in multiplayer allows you to join on-going games and immediately help your team take control of the map.