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The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom DLC Pack 2 by UbiSoft



  • Alcohol Reference
  • Mild Language
  • Violence
  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: UbiSoft
  • Developer: UbiSoft
  • Category: DLC

IMPORTANT: This purchase will provide you a DLC serial number that is entered directly into the game via the "Redeem" button on the main menu. The maps will be unlocked directly within the game. This DLC requires The Settlers 7 v1.09 to play. The second DLC pack for The Settlers 7 - Paths to a Kingdom. 3 new 4-Player Maps (for Skirmish, Multiplayer & Empire Modes): Whitewater Falls - "Whitewater, rapids and waterfalls" theme - Very Large 4-Player Map with 63 sectors (Skirmish & Multiplayer) - Plenty of fertile building ground - Rich livestock and fishing grounds - New impressive event location: "Tower of Tandria" - Further Event Locations: Pilgrimage Site, Dark Fortress, Field of Mandrakes, Laboratory "The huge Land of Whitewater Falls is very fertile and humid. Numerous rivers with strong currents let whitewater pour over rapids and waterfalls. The air is filled with misty clouds. Four competitors challenge each other to rule this land of numerous fishing grounds and rich livestock. Whoever gains control over the fortified central sectors has access to the mighty Tower of Tandria, an ancient monument of wisdom and power. But there are further special locations, which may be helpful in overcoming your enemies. Visit the Pilgrimage Site, the Dark Fortress, the Field of Mandrakes and the Laboratory. Expand your realm quickly and protect your progress with fortifications. Search for special sectors with rich mining resources and utilize river ports to increase your gain." Twin Peaks - "The Roof of the world" theme - Medium 4-Player Map with 40 sectors (Skirmish & Multiplayer) - Numerous fortified expansion town sectors - A central connecting hub is the focus for conquests - Event Locations: Field of Mandrakes, Misty Swamp, Dark Fortress and Bone Church - Hidden sectors (access by "free passage" quest) offering victory points and huge amounts of fishes and animals to boost food production "Mighty twin peaks are piercing through a thick cloud layer, high up in the tallest mountains of Tandria. The roof of the world is the setting of an epic conflict, where four kings rival for supremacy. Both mountain ranges have access to a marketplace and are connected by numerous bridges and a junction sector which offer a victory point when conquered. Several fortified towns are located on the mountain slopes, rewarding victory points and offering high tactical value. The special locations Field of Mandrakes, Misty Swamp, Dark Fortress and Bone Church may be key to your success. Obtain access to hidden valleys by gaining free passage in the misty swamp and the bone church. They offer victory points and huge amounts of fishes and animals to boost food production." Grassland Mesa - "Fertile grassland" theme - Large 4-Player Map with 45 sectors (Skirmish & Multiplayer) - Small prebuilt basic economy (Grain, Bread & Coal Production) - Tree and Hunting Animal shortage - King-sized Sectors with a lot of fertile soil and a lot of building ground - Event Locations: Pilgrimage Site, Volcano, Dark Fortress and Enchanted Tower - Ecobuildings: Watermills & Cannon Foundry "Four enemies compete in a wide open grassland prairie with rocky mesas scattered throughout the landscape. On top of the huge central mesa there is a well-fortified town sector overlooking the surrounding grassland and offering rich resources and a victory point when conquered. Rivers with plenty of fishing grounds spring from the foot of the central mesa and flow over several rapids until they reach the broad river stream, where big river ports are located. There are only few forests in the wide open grassland landscape, but there is a lot of fertile soil and building ground. Master the hunting animal shortage and rely on alternative ways to produce fancy food. Pilgrimage Site, Volcano, Dark Fortress and the Enchanted Tower are special places, which are worth a visit." New Event Location ("Tower of Tandria") New Victory Point ("Pacifist") New Victory Point ("Efficiency") New Ecobuilding (Mine) New Ecobuilding (Stable)