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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot GameStop Exclusive Founders Pack by UbiSoft



  • Fantasy Violence
  • Mild Language
  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: UbiSoft
  • Developer: UbiSoft
  • Category: Role-Playing , Massively Multiplayer

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot GameStop Exclusive Founders Pack

  • * Blings: 15000 (150$ worth)
  • Access to the game
  • High Roller Icon
  • High Roller Castle Entrance flag
  • 3 inventory pages
  • Access to the mage
  • Spooky Keep Theme
  • 3 exclusive visuals for the heroes (knights -green flame, archer`s hawk & mage`s white beard)
  • 9 Exclusive weapons for each hero (3 each)
  • 40 loot chance boost
  • 20 gold boost
  • 20 lifeforce boost
  • Boss : Terrorraptor
  • Boss : Dragonificus Terribilis

Product Details:

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a brand new Free-to-Play IP for the PC that thrusts you in an outrageous medieval fantasy world called Opulencia where wealth, status and showboating are the name of the game! As a newcomer to Opulencia, you will get to know your greedy neighbors quickly as they will like nothing more than take all that you have. Everyone's out to have the nicest castle...at any cost, so you'll quickly learn the ropes on what it takes to be the richest and most envied hero of the land!

What is this


In a distant clouded realm stand hundreds of tall castles - the great Kingdom of Opulencia.

No real Opulencian ever actually refers to it as a kingdom, though. They far prefer the official title of "Prestige feudal heroism community." Opulencia's residents are famous for their love of jewels, precious metals, enchanted furniture, priceless pet clothing and every other sort of treasure imaginable.

They are almost as famous for the constant state of conflict which engulfs their tiny realm. The heroes of Opulencia fight (each other) for their noblest beliefs: no pile of loot can ever be too gigantic, and no treasure is as sweet as the one you stole off your neighbor.

So their mighty quest for epic loot continues on, as each tries to out-shine, out-spend, and out-bling his neighbor. After all, as their old saying goes, wealth is a good look, and a good look's wasted without someone to do the looking.

meet the

unusual suspects



  • name: Blackeye Bowgart
  • occupation: Scary Thief
  • favorite weapon: Crossbow
  • attack type: Ranged
  • demeanor: Surly

With just one application of his signature one-eyed scowl, Blackeye Bowgart can make even an innocent bunny rabbit want to rethink his life decisions.

In his days as the leader of the Green Leotard Thievery Corporation, Bowgart and his revealingly-clad bandits unleashed a crime wave so massive that it led to being robbed' becoming an official income tax deduction. The expression hail of arrows' might sound like some kind of charming metaphor, but don't tell that to those who've seen Blackeye fire off 100 perfectly-placed rounds per minute with his trusty crossbow. What he may lack in depth perception, he more than makes up for with intimidating long-range deadliness.



  • name: Sir Painhammer
  • occupation: Celebrity Sports Personality
  • attack type: Melee
  • favorite weapon: Huge Greatsword
  • gets his good looks from: Mom

As a one-man media empire, Sir Edrick Painhammer has never met an endorsement deal he didn't like.

From Painhammer underpants, all-wheat Painhammer-Os, to his limited edition collectible Painhammer breastplates, the man is an unstoppable merchandising machine. After all, if you can't make a little coin on the side from being the world's greatest living sports personality, what's even the point? In the arena, the man is an absolutely unstoppable wall of punishment. The frenzied crowds chant for him to "Drop the pain hammer" (which is, ironically enough, a gigantic sword). The skills he puts on display when charging headfirst into his opponents' castles is pure, uncut razzle-dazzle. Sir Painhammer is your first-class ticket to smash city, and if you're lucky, he won't even charge you for an autograph.



  • name: The Earl of Evilosity
  • occupation: Evil Wizard
  • attack type: Ranged
  • favorite cake: Devil's Food
  • favorite type of domination: World
  • beard status: Living

Based on pure theoretical ability alone, the Earl Of Evilosity may be the absolute worst mad scientist in this or any kingdom.

Luckily for him, people usually keep their opinions to themselves when you're an elemental mage who can conjure 76 different types of pure flame by simply snapping your fingers. Having steadily climbed the ranks of evil wizard nobility from the title of Baron to Earl, EE (as his assistant Pickles calls him) slavishly tends to his labor of love, the Conquer-tron 2000. This lightning-powered machine is supposed to unleash some kind of high-powered conquering rays (or something...) but the Earl has never really been able to explain it properly to anyone. What everyone does know for sure, though, is that the ability to give a coherent lecture is less useful in Opulencia than being able to level entire castles with ridiculously powerful elemental magic. When you need to ensure the mind-boggling destruction of every enemy in sight, the Earl of Evilosity is just the wizard you want.




Those treasures aren't going to pillage themselves!

In Opulencia, looting is what makes the world go round. If you're not spending your every waking moment obsessed with the size of your treasure pile, then your neighbors will think something's very wrong with you. At the center of every castle lies its crowning jewel, the overflowing treasure room. This room, and its juicy treasure-filled innards, is the stuff that hero's dreams are made of. Reaching this prize won't be easy, though, as each castle's dangers will put your hero's full abilities to the test!

Luckily, he or she is more than up to the looting challenge at hand. Whether you're the type who'd rather pick off your opponents from the relaxed comfort of across the room, or like being up close to see the whites (or in some cases, greens) of your enemies' eyes, there's a hero and play style just for you. Your capable mouse-clicking, combined with your hero's arsenal of deadly spells, weapons and powers, should let you loot those treasure rooms faster than you can say golden palace'!

With over 500 individual pieces of loot to collect, hundreds of community created castles and more being added every day, you can be sure that there'll always be plenty more epic loot where that came from.


Putting the 'sad' in 'sadistic death trap.'

Your enemies lie weeping in the corner in the face of your superlative looting skills? Now's the perfect time to try your hand at constructing a sadistic gauntlet of doom to call your own!

Start by creating the perfect castle layout, using the tons of available room combinations (it's a lot, we did the math).

Next, you'll want to fill your new creation with hordes of loyal minions, ranging from fuzzy baby spiders to kill-crazy giant Cyclopses (or is it Cyclopi?). Don't forget to liberally apply a healthy dose of devious traps to achieve that extra layer of deadliness.

Once you've got your castle exactly the way you want it, it'll be time to subject the community to your new ingenious creation. The more heroes fall within your castle's walls, the more you'll see your rewards piling up.

Remember, a house is not a home until it can kill intruders in at least 7 different ways simultaneously!

  • Castle Looting: Prepare your hero for battle and charge into one of many player-created castles to test your skills and might! Oh yea, and don't forget all the loot and gold waiting for you in the treasure room at the end of the castle.
  • Castle Defense: Protect your treasure from the greedy hands of your neighbors. You and your friends can build custom castles with majestic rooms and fill them with deadly monsters like fire-breathing dragons, nose-picking Cyclopes, swarming vampires and more. Then, surprise your foes by boosting your castle's defenses with fearsome fire cannons, spike traps and other surprises. The more creatures you have, the more you can harvest rewards.
  • Variety of Heroes: The outlandish world of Opulencia has an eccentric cast of characters ranging from the knight, Sir Painhammer, a good-natured tough guy to Blackeye Bowgart, an archer with a chip on his shoulder. More will be available in the near future.
  • Character Customization: Plain armor is out this season, shiny metal is in. Use your well-earned gold to shop and customize and level up your heroes in style.
  • Showboating: Think you are the baddest of the bad in all of Opulencia? Prove it by creating different challenges for your foes and compare yourself on the leaderboards.
  • Intense Action: Play on your own schedule. Short sessions means you can play when you want to. It also doesn't hurt to have others playing at the same time, but you don't need them playing simultaneously to experience looting at its best.