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Necronomicon - The Dawning of Darkness by Microids



  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Microids
  • Developer: Wanadoo
  • Category: Action, Adventure

Inspired by the writings of H. P.Lovecraft. The year is 1927. William H. Stanton's life suddenly takes a terrifying turn for the worse. What strange secret is his childhood friend hiding from him? What lurks in the alchemist's mysterious cursed underground laboratory? What is the meaning of the Necronomicon esoteric formulae? Is this collection of occult secrets the key to the world of the dead? Dare you use these secrets and face the terror which may lie beyond? Join William Stanton on a mysterious journey in a desperate quest to save the life of his friend. Travel beyond the realms of science and discover the mysterious apparatus which holds the secrets to the afterlife. Explore eerie environments and discover clues as you decipher ancient symbols that reveal the location of a portal leading to other worlds. It is believed that here you will uncover the timeless secret of life itself. Challenge your every rational thought and face your every fear as you learn the secrets of the Necronomicon and enter the realm of life death and beyond. What worlds exist beyond the gateways of time... What secrets lie beneath the dilapidated farmhouse...