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Napoleon Total War Limited Edition by Sega of America



  • Alcohol Reference
  • Language
  • Mild Blood
  • Sexual Themes
  • Violence
  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Sega of America
  • Developer: Sega of America
  • Category: Strategy

Special Edition

  • 15 exclusive in-game units: "Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars" and the "Elite Regiment"
  • The "Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars" x 10 units: This 10 unit pack gathers the most superb infantry and cavalrymen who fought during the great Napoleonic battles. Each of these exclusive units will make all the difference during key engagements, whether using formidable weapons or exceptional tactical skills.
  • The "Elite Regiment" x 5 units: A collection of five of the most Elite Forces of the Napoleonic Wars, from all the major European factions. Each of these units proved their bravery, discipline and excellence in key battles and will dramatically expand the player's strategic options on the battlefield.

Product Details:

Napoleon: Total War is the newest chapter in the critically acclaimed Total War series from The Creative Assembly. In a vividly detailed, war-torn world, players assume the role of Napoleon during his extraordinary rise to power or play as his enemies in an attempt to rewrite history. This epic RTS adventure follows Napoleon's devastating path of conquest and victory through nearly two decades of warfare from the early Italian campaign to the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon: Total War also marks the single biggest innovation in the history of the franchise with an integrated multiplayer campaign that allows two players to fight for control of the campaign map and the fate of Europe.

  • Stand-alone chapter brings Napoleon to life. Completely separate from Empire: Total War, Napoleon immerses players in a concentrated, gripping wartime experience with exciting battles, memorable characters and Total War's award winning signature mix.
  • Three new episodic campaigns. Players can alter the course of history in objective-based missions across Europe. How they manage their troops across both land and sea can change the outcome of the war.
  • Cutting-edge multiplayer modes. For the first time, two players battle head-to-head online utilizing three new main campaign maps. A new avatar system, achievements, gameplay bonuses, uniform customization and voice communications enhance the multiplayer experience.
  • Enhanced units, graphics and deeper customization. A 19th Century technology tree and units created with extensive detail, animations and functionality gives players elaborate tactical options in epic-scale, real-time battles. Highly detailed environments and improved battlefield graphics immerses players in famous historical battles such as Austerlitz and Waterloo.


PC Minimum System Requirements

Hard Drive Space
10gb free space
Operating System
Windows XP or VISTA
3 ghz (single core) 2 ghz (dual core)
512 mb for XP 1 gb for Vista
Video Card
NVIDIA Geforce 5 or better, or ATI Equivalent (Shader 2 support