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Krondor Bundle by Activision



  • Animated Blood and Gore
  • Animated Violence
  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Activision
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Midkemia - a realm of enchantment and ancient magic where elves, dwarves and man once battled an unimaginable evil across rifts in time and space. The legends tell of a boy named Pug who would become Master Magician...His friend, Tomas, who would wield the unearthly armor of the Valheru and command the armies of Elvandar...The land called Kelewan, the Dark Order of the Serpent Priests and the final titanic battle at Sethanon. In Betrayal at Krondor experience the epic tale of villains and heroes, magic and men.

Return to Krondor

Return to a world of danger, magic and betrayal.

The Tear of the Gods, a holy artifact possessing unimaginable power, is in peril. Your party must race against Bear, an evil madman, and his followers to raise the sunken ship that holds the artifact and return it to its rightful place in the Temple of the Gods. The fate of Krondor is in your hands.

Return to Krondor delivers it all. A complex and mythical story from best-selling fantasy author Raymond E. Feist, intense, high-quality graphics, seamless transition from navigation to combat, a myriad of spells and alchemy, plus rich characters, turn-based warfare and nasty creatures.

Krondor awaits your return.

Betrayal at Krondor

  • An innovative story-telling system divides the game into nine unique chapters totaling over 100 hours of gameplay.
  • Explore 224 million square feet of forested trails, snow-covered mountain ranges, maze-like sewers and bustling towns.
  • Battle armies of intelligent opponents in strategic turn-based combat sequences. With amazing sound effects and 2,500 frames of rotoscoped animation.

Return to Krondor

  • Adventure through 11 plot-twisting chapters with over 30 varieties of locks, traps and puzzles.
  • Explore over 200 beautifully rendered locations and interact with more than 180 unique characters.
  • Learn the comprehensive alchemy system and 60 spells to create and adapt.



Hard Drive Space
1.2 GB Available Hard Drive Space
Operating System
Windows XP
1 GHz Processor
512 MB Available System Memory