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Deformers by GameTrust

Boxshot: Deformers by GameTrust

Extra 1,000 bonus points!




  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: GameTrust
  • Developer: Ready at Dawn
  • Category: Fighting


Power-Up Reward Pro members earn an extra 1,000 bonus points when you Pre-order and Pick-up Deformers!

Power-Up Reward Pro members earn an extra 1,000 bonus points when you Pre-order and Pick-up Deformers!

PUR Pro Customers: Points will be added within 7 days of pick-up.

While Supplies Last. Must be a current Power-Up Rewards Pro member to participate. To qualify, pre-ordered games may be traded-in, but not returned, within 30 days of the purchase. If a game is returned, bonus points received for that game will be deducted from the member's account. Offer valid in-store and online. Bonus points will be awarded within 7 days of pick-up.

Pre-order Deformers and receive the Founders Character Pack!

Pre-order Deformers for a pack of exclusive character for use in-game.

Online Customers: Code will be emailed within 2 business days after your order ships.
Store / In-Store Pickup Customers: Code will be printed on your receipt at time of pickup.

Product Details:

Deformers is a physics based, 3rd person smash em arena game. With a focus on multiplayer and online connectivity, players control "Forms" as they battle each other in fast-paced melee combat for supremacy. The game offers several game modes to fit every style of player and the learning curve is so low that the whole family will be battling it out in the arena in no time. You will get to play with dozens of different lovable forms that you customize to fit your personality. The forms will further evolve in the arena through power ups, shape changes and absorption of your surroundings. Many forms will enter, not many will survive.

Game Modes:

(the ones we have announced)

  • Death Match - Up to 8 forms enter the arena and duke it out for all out supremacy. Play as a team or on your own, either way the goal is the same...rack up kills.
  • Formball - Work with your team to get the ball in the goal or destroy your opponents using brute force. Both ways get you points to win.
  • Others - Stay tuned, they are really cool

All game modes include 4 player split screen couch coop or up to 8 person online multiplayer.

    Important Information:

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