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Painkiller Hell & Damnation - Operation Zombie Bunker by Nordic Games



  • Available for download. More info.
  • Downloads to U.S. addresses only
  • Blood and Gore
  • Intense Violence
  • Strong Language
  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Nordic Games
  • Developer: The Farm 51
  • Category: DLC
  • Download Size:0.04MB
PC Gaming has never been easier

Product Details:

As the title suggests, Daniel is being pulled into a world which he straight up despises from the bottom of his heart. This time, the demonic forces of evil throw him into a military world of chaos and insanity. American, Russian, German military forces from different eras, they all blend together in one gigantic army-themed nightmare...

Explore the Bunker, Stalingrad (formerly known as Leningrad), and the Military Base to the fullest. Two WW2-themed maps and one modern American military base, who throw everything they got at poor Daniel. From Area 51 with a boss fight against a UFO, over to the Cold War, Daniel's covered with enough stuff to keep him busy for countless hours of gameplay.

  • New map: "The" Bunker (the personal bunker of a certain someone in the 1940s)
    • This is one of the biggest maps in the Painkiller universe
    • New boss-fight against one nasty red-coloured skull
  • Two new environmental weapons: two different types of rocket launchers
  • One new Multiplayer map: DM Fragenstein, playable in various Multiplayer modes
  • New enemy types: Russian, American, and German Zombie Soldiers, Tanks in various skins
  • New melee weapon: The "Morgenstern"; smite your enemies with its spiky ball on short distances, or deploy sticky mines to enemies on mid- to long distances.
  • New Tarot card: Armor Regeneration
    • Eve: "What's that?"
      Daniel: "It's 'Armor Regeneration'"...
      Eve: "What does it do?"
      Daniel: "It regenerates armor."
  • In Stalingrad it is on. Inbound airstrikes and airplanes attacking Daniel, or even deploying commando airborne units and dropping Zombie Soldiers out of Zeppelins
  • Area 51 and Cold War will hit you hard in Military Base - Space Commandos, UFO boss fight, nuclear missiles



Requires base game Painkiller Hell & Damnation. Requires the Steam client to install and play.

Important Information:

Requires base game Painkiller Hell & Damnation. Requires the Steam client to install and play.