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Sonomax eers PCS250 Custom Fit Dual Driver In-Ear Headphones with Inline Microphone by Sonomax



Online Only
  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Sonomax
  • Developer: Sonomax
  • Category: Accessories , Headsets & Mics

Product Details:

SonoFit is the engineering innovation and delivery system at the heart of Sonomax Technologies Inc. Sonomax® bundles more than twelve patented technologies into a disposable fitting system that delivers a customized earpiece designed to seamlessly interface with any number of application modules such as earphones, hearing protection devices, Bluetooth headsets, hearing aids and other in-ear products. Up until now, custom fitting required weeks of laboratory work. SonoFit by Sonomax® takes just minutes and requires only 3 easy steps. SonoFit consists of a patented modular earpiece, a pair of inflation pumps and a medical grade silicone compound, all bundled neatly into a disposable headband. Prior to customization, the earpiece fits comfortably in the smallest ears yet is large enough to house the electronics for most in-ear applications. Its inner core consists of a hard molded plastic shell encased by a soft silicone bladder. The fitting also provides proper earpiece orientation during the four minute customization process.

What's in the box:
  • SonoFit Fitting System
  • 1 Pair of PCS-250 earphones (pre-loaded in SonoFit)
  • 1 Carrying Pouch
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Quick-Fit Guide
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Important Information:

This item is only available on GameStop.com and our stores are unable to issue a refund. Please do not return this item to your local GameStop store. To return this product please refer to the instructions included on the packing slip that will be shipped with this item.