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Shift Gaming Keyboard by SteelSeries

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: SteelSeries
  • Developer: SteelSeries
  • Category: Accessories , Keyboards & Mice

Product Details:

Just like our original patented concept from the SteelSeries Zboard, the new SteelSeries Shift also supports interchangeable keysets. The keysets are extremely easy to switch, just pull the rubberized lever to remove a keyset and insert a new one.

  • SHIFT EVERYTHING The Shift supports interchangeable keysets, all designed with awesome game designers.
  • MACRO Advanced macros support delays. It's almost Skynet-ish. In the good way.
  • PLUG IT IN Equipped with two USB 2.0 ports as well as in- and out-audio ports.
  • ERGONOMICS The rubberized feet offers 3 different height levels and ensures steadiness.
  • PERSONALIZATION Every single key is fully customizable. What you want, where you want it.
  • LAYERS Easily switch between layers, allowing near-unlimited options for configuration.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY Gaming Grade quality ensures a lifecycle of 15 million key presses per key.
  • ALL GAMES Whether your poison is FPS, RTS, MMO, Shift was designed to make you win.