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Saitek X52 Flight Control by Saitek Industries

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Saitek Industries
  • Developer: Saitek Industries
  • Category: Accessories , Controllers

Product Details:

The most fully integrated flight control system with a complete range of instrument options to replace the keyboard controls. Precision engineering, ergonomic design and detailed fusion of features combine to deliver maximum aeronautical authenticity.

General Features

* Non-contact technology on axes for precision control and prolonged life

* Stainless Steel pivot shaft; less friction and more stability on X/Y axes

* Multi-function display (MFD) for:
- Multiple profile selection
- Mode Indication (3 states)
- Shift state indication
- Time; Flight time, standard time, destination time, set up planned moves

* Illuminated (backlit) buttons; ideal for night flying and low light environments

* Rubber grips and ergonomic design for increased comfort and fatigue free gaming

* Includes free download for Roger Wilko voice recognition software; the ideal accompaniment for online multiplayer gaming

Joystick Features

* 2-stage metal trigger; 2 primary buttons in 1 convenient position

* 4 Fire buttons including missile launcher with spring loaded safety cover

* 2 x 8-way hat switches

* 3D rudder twist

* 3-position rotary mode selector switch with LED indicators

* 3 base mounted toggle switches for up to 6 programmable keyboard commands

* 4-position handle adjustable system to suit all hand sizes

Throttle Features

* 2 fire buttons

* Scroll wheel with built-in button

* Mouse controller / Hat Switch

* 8 or 4-way Hat Switch

* 2 x Rotary controls

* Smooth action slider control

* Clutch button; press this and any other control simultaneously to find its function via the MFD

* Progressive throttle with tension adjustment, detents for afterburner andidle