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Pokemon Stereo Headphones by ThinkGeek



  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: ThinkGeek
  • Developer: ThinkGeek
  • Category: Accessories , Headsets & Mics

Product Details:

Cue up Driftveil City

Do you remember the first time you plugged headphones into your Game Boy or DS and heard the amazing depth to the Pokémon game soundtracks? It completely transformed the experience of the game. That is, until you get to 20% health. YES. I KNOW. THANK YOU. SHADDUP.

This set of headphones will let your geekling enjoy all the epic Pokémon themes safely. These Pokémon Stereo Headphones look just like the fancy headphones mom and dad wear, except these are better, because they have dimensional Poké ball decorations. They come with a volume limiter that parents can use to protect the tender ears of their young while they rock out and catch them all.

Product Specifications 
  • Pokémon Stereo Headphones
  • Officially-licensed Pokémon merchandise
  • Wired Pokémon headphones for kids
  • Come with a volume limiter for parents 
  • Adjustable headband (for smaller heads)
  • Dimensional Poké ball decorations
  • Soft, leatherette ear cushions
  • Connection: Standard 3.5mm headphone audio plug
  • Dimensions: Ear cushions are 2 1/2" wide x 3" tall, 40" cable
  • Weight: 3 oz.