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You Got Served by Sony



  • Platform: PSP UMD Movies , Sony PSP
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Developer: Sony
  • Category: Movies & TV

Dedicated to the art of street dancing, YOU GOT SERVED features some of the most talented and prominent kids on the scene in a drama filmed in the streets of Los Angeles. The picture opens at the warehouse of Mr. Rad (Steve Harvey), where dance battles take the place of actual fighting. Elgin (Marques Houston) and David (Omarion) are childhood friends who are determined to make a splash in the world as street dancers. But when they lose a battle to a rival crew from Orange County, and when David finds himself falling in love with Elgin's pretty sister, Liyah (Jennifer Freeman), a heavy strain is put on their relationship. This is compounded when Elgin gets jacked selling drugs for a dangerous crime lord, while David was busy sipping milk shakes with Liyah. Eventually, another tragedy forces David and Elgin to put aside their differences and come together to win a contest that will make them $50,000 richer and land them in a video for hip-hop superstar Lil' Kim.