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Starcraft 2 iPhone 4/4s Case by PDP




  • Platform: iPhone®
  • Publisher: PDP
  • Developer: PDP
  • Category: Accessories , Storage & Cases

Product Details:

Officially licensed Blizzard Starcraft 2: HOTS case for the iPhone 4/4/S. Design chosen at random.

  • Full access to all ports and buttons.
  • Raised front bezel case for added screen protection.
  • Available in 4 designs: Protoss, Zerg, Terran, Queen of the Swarm*
  • Made of highly durable rubberized plastic.

*Design chosen at random

iPhone 4 Blizzard Starcraft Heart of the Swarm - Terran:
Descendants of the colonization expedition from Earth centuries ago, the Terrans are masters of survival --- Relying on solid armor, plentiful firepower, and strength in numbers.

iPhone 4 Blizzard Starcraft Heart of the Swarm - Zerg:
The Zerg are comprised of many different species that have evolved into ruthless killing machines. Led by the Queen of Blades, the Zerg unleash their horrors across the galaxy.

iPhone 4 Blizzard Starcraft Heart of the Swarm - Protoss:
The ancient and mysterious Protoss use their alien technology and psionic abilities to maintain order in the galaxy. With their unsurpassed skills, the Protoss is a challenge for any opponent on the battlefield.

iPhone 4 Blizzard Starcraft Queen of Blades:
After the Overmind mutated Sarah Kerrigan, she became the Queen of Blades - the leader of the Zerg. Now, she leads the Swarm as they prepare to wipe mankind from the Koprulu sector.