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The most popular digital PC games now available for purchase at your nearest GameStop store - including pre-releases - with an even larger selection of over 1,500 digital PC games available for download online.

GameStop's new PC App allows users to choose from over 1500 digital PC games -
including pre-releases - and download them directly to their PC.

1,500+ games to download

Over 1,500 of the best PC titles available to purchases and download directly to your PC

Manage all your games

Automatically apply patches and updates, manage your game library, and get exclusive discounts on popular titles all with GameStop PC App.

Connect with other gamers

Socialize with like-minded gamers. Make friends and play games together on-line, start a blog, chat, and more



System Requirements

  • - Windows XP (32-bit) / Vista / Windows 7
  • - Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0
  • - 1GHz Processor
  • - 50 MB Available System Memory
  • - 100 MB Available Hard Drive Space

More Features

  • Doesn't need to be on-line to play single player games.
  • Find your favorite game and download it automatically to your PC.
  • Available free through the GameStop PC App, which lets users organize all their programs and data together regardless of where it came from.

Why GameStop PC App?

  • Explore the full GameStop PC App library and download your favorite games instantly
  • Play your games on any PC
  • Redownload your games as much as you want