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Skies of Arcadia Legends by GameStop




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  • Mild Violence
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Platform: Game Cube
  • Publisher: GameStop
  • Developer: Overworks
  • Category: Role-Playing

Product Details:

Grasp the wheel of your airship and prepare to embark on an adventure of legendary proportions. You are Vyse, a young member of the Blue Rogue pirates. Together with your childhood friend Aika and a mysterious girl named Fina, you are locked in an epic struggle with a powerful enemy nation for the fate of the world.

You must gather your own crew of air pirates and journey through uncharted skies to vanquish the empire from every corner of the map. Along the way, you'll wage battles against savage monsters and evil Pirates as you make a name for yourself on land and in the sky.

For the first time you can experience the complete story of the critically acclaimed RPG, with hours of new gameplay containing additional background stories for key characters. Interact with a brilliantly animated cast of characters, monsters, and villains, explore astounding environments, and unravel a dramatic and twisting story line. Skies of Arcadia Legends envelops you in an experience unlike any other.
* Experience a full 3D world with a highly imaginative storyline, including new plot details and improved character graphics.

* Use over 70 weapons and 36 magical skills to make your party the scourge of the skies.
Explore six enormous virtual lands with landscapes ranging from massive deserts and quaint villages to the cold reaches of outer space.

* Customize your own airship and gather up to 22 crew members to help attack or protect against other ships.

* Hand-to-hand and ship-to-ship combat featuring spectacular spell effects, amazing special attacks, and an improved battle engine.

* New "Wanted" Battles, as well as new characters, ultimate weapons, discoveries, and side quests!
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