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NFL 2K3 by Sega




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  • No Descriptors
  • Platform: Game Cube
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sega
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

Raising to the next level in sports video gaming has always been a Sega Sports standard and the tradition continues with Sega Sports NFL 2K3. Never satisfied with being just good enough, NFL 2K3 looks to set a new benchmark for the game of football while enhancing the improvements Sega made for the past three years. With over 500 new animations added, you'll see jaw-dropping spin moves, powerful aerial hits, and graceful one-handed catches.

Sega Sports NFL 2K3 approaches the 2002 season destined for greatness. Building upon championship-caliber gameplay and presentation, NFL 2K3 raises the bar with new lifelike player animations, convincing play-calling intelligence, an on-the-fly audible system and a brand new ESPN broadcast system with the famous overlays, scores and highlights beloved by all sports fans.

NFL 2K3's new easy-to-use Franchise mode gives you total team control as player, coach, and general manager - track the best players, make the smartest trades, and build the most dominant team in the league. Complete with all of the updated rosters, new NFL re-alignment changes, and authentic stadiums redesigned in full 3D for the 2002 season, NFL 2K3 will deliver the most exhilarating gridiron action available.

* ESPN Broadcast Presentation: True to the sports fan, player introductions, game highlights, scores, and more are displayed in the famous ESPN style.

* All New Franchise Mode: Track comprehensive player stats and make shrewd trades as you build your franchise while developing your current team and performing on the field each week. An intuitive visual presentation makes being a General Manager easier to navigate.

* Improved Play Calling and Effective Audible System: Computer opponents use more smarts when calling plays while the on-the-fly audible system allows you to catch your opponent off guard.

* Next Generation Animation: All the exceptional football moves you expect from the NFL 2K series plus improved stiff arms, last-ditch QB passing, stinging aerial hits, ball stripping lunges, and many more.

* Award-Winning Play-by-Play and Commentary: Announcers deliver insightful commentary based on game situation, historical references, milestones, and other factors and use visual aides.

* Redesigned 3D Stadiums: Every NFL stadium is here, authentically reproduced in stunning 3D. From the cheap seats to sidelines crowded with players, coaches, and camera crews, no detail is overlooked.