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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes by Nintendo of America




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  • Animated Blood
  • Violence
  • Platform: Game Cube
  • Publisher: Nintendo of America
  • Developer: Retro Studios
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

In this highly anticipated sequel to Metroid Prime, become the bounty hunter behind the visor once more and travel to a planet torn into light and darkness. Hunted by a mysterious entity and a warring race called the Ing, Samus Aran must explore the light and dark worlds of this doomed planet to discover secrets and augment her suit's weapons and abilities.

A Galactic Federation ship has disappeared in pursuit of a band of Space Pirates. At the request of the Federation Samus journeys to the planet Aether, the location of the ship's last transmission. There, Samus finds herself in an incredible world where light and dark intertwine in two unstable dimensions. The Light World is controlled by the Luminoth, a peaceful tribe with a unique and highly developed civilization. Their four gigantic energy generators are all that keep the Light World from collapsing. But that civilization faces imminent destruction at the hands of the invading Ing Horde, beings born of the Dark World. If the Ing seize control of the generators, the Light World will be extinguished forever. Samus embarks on her mission to defeat the Ing and restore peace to Aether. However, an ominous shadow lurks in the darkness, a shadow which quietly stalks Samus.
* For the first time in the history of the celebrated Metroid franchise, up to four players can battle each other as they search for weapons, grapple across ceilings, and turn into Morph Balls to make their escapes.

* Amazing graphics that will draw you into the game. See Samus Aran in brighter colors and deeper details than ever before!

* Addictive gameplay. Slove puzzles, battle enemies, get powerful weapons and explore strange places.
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