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Cel Damage by Electronic Arts




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  • Comic Mischief
  • Violence
  • Platform: Game Cube
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

This is a preowned video game. It is guaranteed to work on your GameCube video game console and may not include a box or instruction manual. Every week, the world's toughest toons drive their indestructible, weapon-laden cars onto the set of Cel Damage, the most popular cartoon demolition derby show on TV. With sky-high ratings and a global audience, this ongoing gladiatorial show features six main cast members, who constantly try to out-race, out-smack and out-maneuver each other for personal glory.

Imagine a world populated by toons. Living, breathing toons, that exist in a completely cartoon-rendered universe. These toons go to work, pay taxes, walk their toon pets and watch TV. The age of a toon, or the particular part of the world that the toon comes from, is apparent from his appearance and attitude. As an example, old toons appear in black and white. Asian toons appear in the manga style. Certain toons are stylish and slick, while others are gross and disturbed. In this world, some toons are politicians, some collect garbage, some trade stocks, and a select few get work as actors on cable television shows.

This is our game universe, where the most popular TV show is Cel Damage. If you can imagine American Gladiator crossed with a cartoon Demolition Derby, you get a pretty good idea of what the Cel Damage show is all about. Each of the six main cast members drives a unique vehicle, and all are playable in the game. The game action allows for play styles that mimi
* Cruise and bruise in the suped-up rides of the toughest toons around.

* Wield a massive chainsaw, giant axe or one of 34 other wild and wacky weapons.

* Smack your opponents silly in deathmatch, capture-the-flag or racing modes.

* Battle it out across 12 interactive cartoon environments.

Smash your friends in four-player split-screen action.