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GameCube Action Replay by Datel




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  • Platform: Game Cube
  • Publisher: Datel
  • Developer: Datel
  • Category: Accessories

Product Details:

Tackle that game that you never quite finished with the Action Replay for Gamecube. With codes for infinite health, infinite ammo and much more, the Action Replay will help gamers get through even the toughest games. Plus, for expert gamers, the Action Replay offers enhancement codes that breathe new life into old games. Play the game using a different character or make the main character 10 times his normal size. With thousands of pre-loaded codes for the latest and greatest Gamecube games, the possibilities are endless.

* Pre-loaded With Loads Of Codes For The Latest And Greatest Games.

* Dongle Has 1X Memory Card Built-In To Store New Codes.

* New Codes Can Be Found At Datel's Website.

* New Codes Can Be Easily Added And Saved.

* Colorful Hi-Resolution Graphics.

* Easy-To-Use, Intuitive Menu System.