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Cartoon Network Collection Volume 2 Video by GameStop



  • No Descriptors
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: GameStop
  • Developer: GameStop
  • Category: Movies & TV

This is a preowned video game. It is guaranteed to work on your Game Boy Advance video game console and may not include a box or instruction manual.When the treehouse is flooded with disgusting turnips, the Kids Next Door journey to the source and battle a monster turnip with designs on moving up the food chain. When Courage is accidentally turned into a fly, he overhears military personnel discussing a secret satellite that is plunging to earth, headed straight for the Farmhouse. Courage must find a way to save them all. After a pesky street urchin pelts him with a water balloon, Johnny vows revenge. He sets about turning Suzy and her rag-tag group of 8-year-olds into lean, mean, water-balloon hurling machines. In a future time, in a future place, Mandy rules the world. But not everyone is happy about it.