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Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Pack by Konami




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  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: Ingram
  • Category: Strategy

Product Details:

Two exciting Yu-Gi-Oh! adventures in one package! Play two classic Yu-Gi-Oh! games, The Sacred Cards or Reshef of Destruction, all on one cartridge. Reshef of Destruction: Here me, strong duelists... you must stop the Destroyer and save the world from darkness! Yami Yugi and the Millennium Puzzle have vanished! Uncover the shocking truth as the original story unfolds! The Sacred Cards: Yu-Gi-Oh! evolves into card battling RPG! Join the fierce competetion for the sacred "Egyptian God Cards". Dive into a story full of unexpected twists, based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV series!

* Two classic Yu-Gi-Oh! games on one Game Boy Advance cartridge

* Includes two exclusive Parallel Rare trading cards: Dark Magician Knight and Knight's Tale