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Wario Land 4 by Nintendo of America




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  • Comic Mischief
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Nintendo of America
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Sitting in his vast fortress with newspaper in hand, Wario reads of the recent discovery of the legendary Pyramid of Gold and the terrible curse placed upon its treasures. Overcome by his lust for treasure, and paying no heed to the curse, Wario hops in his Wariobile and heads straight to the pyramid with the hope of bringing piles of gold back to his fortress. Need help playing a game? Having trouble with your system? Visit our Nintendo Customer Services Center.

Step up to all new challenges! No longer immortal, Wario must fight to survive the traps and hazards inside the pyramid. Test your wits in the biggest Wario Land adventure yet! Over twenty sprawling stages await!

Get your mitts on mounds of treasure, then spend it wisely on all-new items you can use against the baddest of the baddies! It's the best of Wario Land made even better for Game Boy Advance!
* The charmingly nonlinear game-play means that players can progress through passages in any order. Each passage concludes with a battle with an oddball boss, such as a flying rat who hides behind a giant teddy bear.

* Collectibles include coins (of course!), diamonds and CDs, which can be played in the pyramid's Sound Room. The offbeat minigames include a homerun derby and a zany version of concentration that features Wario's scowling mug.

* Wario Land 4 sports some of most gorgeous graphics to yet grace the Game Boy Advance. From the smoky fumes of the toxic dump to the brilliant palette of a level inspired by a child's sketch pad, the game never seizes to surprise and enrapture.

* The Hall of Hieroglyphs amusingly teaches Wario's basic moves, but much of the game's fun revolves around his unexpected transformations into a snowball, bat, zombie, balloon, giant spring, human torch and more. Besides helping Wario reach objectives, these transformations are always hilarious. His bewildered expression when he catches fire is priceless.

* Clever, funny, endlessly surprising and starring the unsinkable Wario, Wario Land 4 is a must-have for all fans of action, puzzles - and fun.
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