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The Sims Bustin' Out by Electronic Arts




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  • Comic Mischief
  • Mild Violence
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Griptonite Games
  • Category: Simulation

Product Details:

Take your Sims on the go!The GBA version of The Sims Bustin' Out incorporates key gameplay elements from the franchise, while also offering several distinct changes. For the first time ever, players directly control their Sim, using the Control Pad to move around and freely explore the environments. Connect to the GameCube version of Bustin' Out to unlock new objects and mini-games, and to play with your GameCube Sim on the GBA. New "close up" social interaction gameplay lets players engage in text-based conversations for the first time with NPC 's - select responses to make friends,complete goals,and fully experience the trademark Sims humor. Make your way through the game by completing missions in a quest to unlock the huge manor in SimValley and advance to Paradise Island.

* Take your Sim everywhere in the first portable version of The Sims.

* For the first time in any Sims game,use the Control Pad to have direct control of your Sim.

* Keep your Sim happy by monitoring his motives and fulfilling his basic needs.

* Complete missions all over SimValley in your quest to move into the biggest house.

* Engage in conversations to bargain with merchants for new items for your house,chat with friends,and insult those who deserve it.

* New career-based mini-games keep the experience fresh,demanding quick reflexes to earn simoleons, rewards,and career advancement.

* Connect to the GameCube version to unlock new objects and mini-games,including the ability to download your GameCube Sim into the GBA version.

* Connect with another GBA using the Link Cable for a two-player mode that lets you unlock and trade new items.