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Spiderman: Mysterio's Menace by Activision




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  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Activision
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Spider-Man Mysterio's Menace is the first Spider-Man game to be featured on the Game Boy Advance platform. Set in New York, you assume the role of Spider-Man as you take on super-villain Mysterio and his illusory tricks for control of Manhattan. You must fight a slew of Mysterio's sinister conspirators and gadgetry to get to the bottom of the plot and free New York from Mysterio's mind-warping grip. Special attacks, multiple power-ups, suit upgrades and old Spidey standbys (like wall-crawling and web-slinging) make being Spider-Man every kid's dream!

* Special Spidey Attacks. Take on the enemy with classic Spidey moves like punches, kicks, uppercuts, impact-webbing, good old fashioned spider wall-crawling, and capture-webbing - the ability to tie up a character for five seconds. Plus, utilize dynamic new moves like Dive Kicks and Web Shield, which temporarily blocks the enemy's most potent attacks.

* Multiple Power-Ups. Multiple Action. Get the strength you need to battle to the end. Health, web refill and special invincibility and damage power-ups abound. Plus, get Web Upgrades, like the Heavy Web Impact that make your web shooters so strong they knock down enemies. And these thugs ain't easy to knock down!

* Spidey Suit Upgrades. Super-strong and super-resilient suits are designed to outlast the onslaught of villains. The Thermal Suit protects you from fire and freeze attacks; the Kevlar Suit reduces the damage you take; and the top secret Black Symbiote Suit constantly regenerates your health. Mom always said, without your health, you've got nothing!