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Medal of Honor Infiltrator by Electronic Arts




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  • Mild Violence
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Category: Shooter

Product Details:

This is a preowned video game. It is guaranteed to work on your Game Boy Advance video game console and may not include a box or instruction manual.The award-winning Medal of Honor franchise returns to the Game Boy Advance with Medal of Honor Infiltrator. In an all-new MOH experience designed exclusively for Game Boy Advance, Infiltrator delivers the top-notch presentation and gameplay that have come to signify the MOH franchise. Your goal: complete multiple missions to defeat the enemy in some of WWII's most famous battles.

* Five Daring WWII Missions - Undertake five missions behind enemy lines in three classes of levels: action, tactical, and sniping.

* The War Across the World - Fifteen levels staged across three theaters of war: North Africa, and Eastern and Western Europe.

* Choose Your Firepower Wisely - Eight different weapons to choose from, each with uniquely balanced strengths and weaknesses, plus drivable tanks and Jeeps.

* Battle It Out Head-to-Head - Eight multiplayer maps and two game modes: Cooperative and Adversarial.

* Know Your Enemy - Impressive enemy AI reacts to each threat appropriately by investigating suspicious noises, deploying patrols, and activating alarms.

* Game Boy Advance Link - Use the Game Boy Advance Game Link cable to link up with a friend for some two-player combat action.

* Join Forces and Turn the Tide - Link up with Medal of Honor Rising Sun on Nintendo GameCube using the Nintendo GameCube-Game Boy Advance cable - your Game Boy Advance acts asa real-time map during Rising Sun gameplay.

    Important Information:

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