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Mary Kate & Ashley: Girls' Night Out by Acclaim




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  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Acclaim
  • Developer: Acclaim
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Rock the party right with Mary-Kate and Ashley. It's GIRLS' NIGHT OUT. You've got the hippest fashions and a packed dance floor waiting just for you.

* Repeat a series of key-press patterns to the beat of funky fresh jams that will keep your dancer movin' and a groovin'.

* Hey DJ play that song! Keep your dancer rockin' all night long by creating and saving your own mixes. Work the turntables old school style.

* Choose your dance songs from cool styles of music like techno, house and disco.

* The cooler your moves, the more you can groove! Unlock secret steps, songs and clothes!

* Look your finest in the freshest fashions! Select from different hairstyles, shirts, pants, shoes and accessories for the hippest look on the dance floor.

* Dance moves motion-captured from a top NYC hip-hop dancer.