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Mario vs. Donkey Kong by Nintendo of America




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  • Mild Cartoon Violence
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Nintendo of America
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

The famous longtime rivalry between a plumber and a gorilla heats up in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. This action-packed puzzle game, perfect for the portability of the Game Boy Advance, features new Mario moves and six big worlds with multiple levels. Donkey Kong and Mario fans will enjoy seeing their favorite characters from the Mario universe such as Piranha Plants and Bob-ombs but will be challenged by levels and new puzzles.

Mario has always been more athletic than his somewhat portly appearance would have you believe, but he really struts his stuff in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Mario backflips high into the air, walks on his hands, and even spins on gymnastics bars. You'll have to master all of Mario's new moves to save all of the Mini-Mario toys.

Once you've collected all of the Mini-Mario toys in a world, you then have to lead them into a toy box in a follow-the-leader game. The Mini-Marios will follow big Mario anywhere -- even if it means falling to their demise. Safely guiding them into the toy box is a tough task which will require you to overcome both action and puzzle challenges.

Even with the Mini-Marios safely tucked away, Mario's mission in each world is not done until he goes toe-to-toe with Donkey Kong. The big ape may not be the smartest enemy Mario's ever faced, but he sure is strong!

* Leap, climb, and battle through increasingly difficult levels as you use switches, conveyor belts, hammers and other tools to save the day.

* A unique mix of action and puzzle gameplay elements will challenge your brain as well as your reflexes!

* Shy Guys, Piranha Plants, Bob-ombs, and other classic Mushroom Kingdom baddies stand between Mario and his goal.

* Before battling Donkey Kong at the end of each world, you'll have to collect all the Mini-Marios and lead them to safety.
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