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LEGO Bionicle: Maze of Shadows by THQ




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  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: THQ
  • Category: Action , Platform

Product Details:

Six great heroes, the Toa Metru, search for the power to awaken their sleeping people, the Matoran. They have entered the deadly Maze of Shadows - an underground labyrinth teeming with unfriendly Rahi, full of traps and puzzles. Captured by the vicious Karzhahni, the Toa Metru are forced on a quest to the very heart of the Maze of Shadows. Now you must lead them through the many dangers ahead. Take control of all six Toa Metru, and use their individual special skills to overcome the challenges which face them.

* Top down view RPG-lite action adventure game based on Bionicle Maze Of Shadows novel and featuring 2004 toy models

* Stunning combat sequences: The RPG-lite turn-based combat, so popular in Pokemon

* 6 characters to play: Players will be able to take direct control of all 6 Toa Metru heroes

* 6 distinct areas of the Maze Of Shadows to explore: The search for the energised protodermis and Makuta's second lair will take players all over the maze of shadows

* 3 single player modes: Take a break from the main story mode and test your skills in the Tunnel Flight Challenge and the Battle Challenge

* Lots to find and collect: A huge number of Disks to master and special techniques to learn

* Great mutiplayer modes: With a system link cable two players can compete against each other in the Tunnel Flight Challenge and in the Battle Challenge.