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Ice Nine by Bam! Entertainment




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  • Violence
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Bam! Entertainment
  • Developer: Torus Games
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Set at the "secret" CIA training facility called the Farm at Camp Peary in Virginia, a young agent trainee named James Clayton is failed during his training, then recruited by his ex-trainer Burke to take part in a secret undercover operation designed to thwart the theft of a destructive program known as 'ICE NINE'.

The player, as a covert operative for the CIA, performs missions handed down by a high ranking CIA member. The missions take the player through a conspiracy plot that leads right to the top!

The Recruit takes place in first person mode, so the player works their way through missions seeing what the game character sees, ie. only their hand and the weapon they're currently holding. The player shoots enemies, plants microphones, knocks people out, and snipes enemies from on high. Mission briefings are supplied at the beginning of each mission, and occasionally updated mid-mission if the scenario has changed.

* First Person Shooter on the GBA incorporating highly realistic and technologically innovative special effects.

* Night Vision.

* Dynamic Lighting allowing the player to shoot out lights to create darkness, Destructible Objects, Mip-Mapping, Animated Skysphere.

* 30 frames per second (Other FPS GBA titles run at 15 FPS).

* 4-Player Deathmatch Action.

* Detailed storyline that closely follows the film.

* Multiple weapons for player to use including; Sniper Rifle, Grenades, Submachine Guns, Rockets, and Shotguns.

* Intelligent AI that react to gunshots and other changes in environment.

* Level Variety--Both Indoor and Outdoor areas to explore-Stealth and Action levels.

* Realistic Environments that mirror real world locations: Langley CIA Building, "The Farm" CIA training facility, Streets of Washington DC.
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