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Hot Wheels Burnin' Rubber by THQ




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  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: THQ
  • Category: Sports , Racing

Product Details:

Start your engines and race for the championship in your favorite Hot Wheels cars as they fly over jumps, careen around hairpin turns and speed through radical environments!

* Choose from more than 15 authentic 2001 Hot Wheels® 1st edition cars in five different classes.

* Race on 12 tracks including four different modes of play: Grand Prix, Free Race, Time Trial and 2-Player.

* Four different levels of play: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Special.

* Win races to unlock more cars and even special bonus levels.

* Paint your car a different color or take it to the garage for up to seven different modifications.

* Race head-to-head against a friend using the GBA link cable.