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Hamtaro Ham-Ham Games by Nintendo of America




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  • No Descriptors
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Nintendo of America
  • Developer: Alpha Dream
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

Release date is a GameStop.com estimate only and not an official Nintendo date. Date subject to change. The Rainbow Kingdom is sponsoring a Ham-Ham Sports Festival, and Hamtaro and his friends are participating as part of the Ham-Ham team. The teams all compete for seven days, trying to win the most gold medals and capture the championship.

Players will control the different hamsters as they take part in the competitions that best suit their abilities. Sporting events include synchronized swimming, diving, hammer throwing, jumping, sprinting, sailing, tennis, and beach volleyball, as well as many more.

The games are all easy to learn but difficult to master, providing endless of challenge for both new and skilled gamers.Over a dozen sporting events, each of which reproduces the sport accurately, but with the same sense of good-natured Hamtaro humor that fans of the game and TV series will recognize. Link up with your friends to trade player profiles, statistics, and items, and compete against your friends by trying to beat their best times!