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Flushed Away by D3 Publisher of America




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  • Cartoon Violence
  • Comic Mischief
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: D3 Publisher of America
  • Developer: D3 Publisher of America
  • Category: Action , Platform

Product Details:

Set above and beneath the streets of London, Flushed Away is the story of Roddy the rat, who is accidentally flushed into the bustling world below London's streets. There he meets a scrappy, street-smart rat named Rita, who works on her faithful boat, the Jammy Dodger. Together they must find their way through a dangerous city filled with rapids, whirlpools and a vengeful, villainous toad and his henchrats Spike and Whitey. In this classic story of "opposites attract," Roddy finds himself an unlikely hero when he helps Rita save the underground world. The Flushed Away interactive game is the only game which puts the movie and the fate of Rita, Roddy, and the rodent underworld into your hands. Flushed Away recreates the movie but with new twists, turns, characters and environments making this game a fresh new take on the movie!

* Explore the environments from the movie and interact with your favorite characters.

* Experience new places and characters created exclusively for the game.

* Play as Roddy and Rita, plus take the wheel of the Jammy Dodger.

* Use each character's unique skills and special moves to battle the Toad's henchmen.

* Customize the Jammy Dodger utilizing the wealth of garbage found in the sewer.

* Unlock mini-games through the game's rich story mode.