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F-Zero Maximum Velocity by Nintendo of America




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  • No Descriptors
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Nintendo of America
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Category: Sports , Racing

Product Details:

Game Boy Advance flexes its 32-bit processing muscle with this blazingly fast racing game, and the use of Game Boy Advance's L and R Buttons produces perfect racing control. If you're accustomed to the F-Zero racing series, get ready for more of the intense speed you're used to. If you've never played an F-Zero game before, prepare to feel your face flapping in the wind. Need help playing a game? Having trouble with your system? Visit our Nintendo Customer Services Center.

F-Zero GBA is a totally new game, stocked with never-before-seen tracks and vehicles. Set 25 years after the Super NES game, the descendents of famous racers like Captain Falcon test their driving skills in the cockpits of brand new vehicles, many of which have to be unlocked by proving yourself in the heat of competition. An especially cool feature of F-Zero GBA is that four friends can race simultaneously using the Game Boy Advance four-player linking capabilities!

* Arcade racing game.

* Operate hovercraft along futuristic tracks.

* Slide into turns and around obstacles.

* Steer your vehicle with the GBA's shoulder buttons.

* Network 4 GBAs for head-to-head racing.