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Ed, Edd N Eddy by Bam! Entertainment




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  • No Descriptors
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Bam! Entertainment
  • Developer: Bam! Entertainment
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Ed, Edd and Eddy are three suburban neighborhood friends linked by one common goal in life: scheming to get delicious jawbreakers. Join the "Eds" as they turn their cul-de-sac into the arena for outlandish summertime adventures in their quest for a box of every lasting jawbreakers.

* Play each of the Eds: Use each character's strength when you need it most.

* 6 large environments for the player to explore that all look and feel just like a real cartoon.

* Overcome obstacles to find hidden goodies while you pursue the ultimate prize: Jawbreakers!

* Interact with 9 other cul-de-sac kids, including Johnny, Rolf, Nazz, Kevin, Sarah, Jimmy and the Kanker Sisters.