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Disney's Jungle Book by UbiSoft




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  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: UbiSoft
  • Developer: UbiSoft
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Journey as Mowgli through the magical adventures of Walt Disney's The Jungle Book original animated film! Explore vivid worlds, encounter wild creatures, and challenge all the jungle pals in this trek to survive the wild jungle.

* An Exciting Adventure: Explore 6 lush 3D worlds and 20 massive levels such as the Indian Jungle, the Swamp and King Louie's Temple.

* Favorite Film Characters: Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa, King Louie, Shere Khan and more.

* Mind-bending Puzzles and Mini-games: Challenge King Louie to a dance contest, take a fast-action ride on Baloo's belly, avoid the hypnotizing gaze of Kaa, and more.

* Animation Gallery: Unlock photos of your favorite jungle pals and special animated sequences from the original film!