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Defender of the Crown by Metro 3D




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  • Mild Violence
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Metro 3D
  • Developer: Cinemaware
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

The Age of Chivalry! A time of lusty wenches and black-hearted villains. King Richard has been murdered and England is thrown into civil war! Amidst the ringing clash of steel and the thunder of charging steeds the bold Saxon knights have chosen you to lead them into battle against the hated Normans.

Victory will not come easy. To save England your skills as swordsman and military leader will be severely tested. But should you succeed you'll win the Crown of England and the love of many a beautiful damsel!

* Conquer the realm of England and lead armies to victory on the battlefield!

* Fight evil Norman lords bent on the conquest of the throne of England.

* Heart pounding action as you rescue beautiful damsels in distress!

* Majestic tournaments where you joust for fame, fortune and land.

* Engage in sword-fighting duels, and castle-shattering catapult sieges!

* Crush your rivals under the power of your mace and defend your castles.