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Castlevania Circle of the Moon by Konami




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  • Animated Blood
  • Mild Violence
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: Konami
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Take on the role of Hugh Baldwin or Nathan Graves in a quest to defeat Dracula and save their esteemed teacher. The game contains a host of upgrades, weapons, magic skills and a variety of other items that make it challenging for any gamer.

Circle of the Moon relies heavily on the platform-jumping skeleton-whipping formula which led to its initial success, but Konami has created some new gameplay elements which add to its depth. By collecting Action Cards and Attribute Cards, players can create over 80 spell effects which range from Fire Whips to Ice Blizzards.

Instead of simply working your way from point A to point B in Dracula's castle, you'll be able to choose your own route through branching passageways and corridors. The gameplay is mostly linear, but you might have to make a few wrong turns before you figure out where you're supposed to go next.

* Combine action and attribute cards to create over 80 unique spell effects, ranging from fire whips to ice blizzards

* Numerous sub-weapons to choose from, including daggers, holy water, and throwing axes

* 10 Magic summon attacks including Golem, Serpent, and Griffin

* Richly detailed environments to explore
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