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Atomic Betty by Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.




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  • Mild Cartoon Violence
  • Platform: Nintendo GBA
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.
  • Developer: Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Join Betty and her pals, both earthbound and intergalactic, in this action-packed pick-up-and-play adventure based on the the hit TV series. Will Atomic Betty be able to soar across the cosmos in time to thwart Maximus I.Q. and his minions? Will she be able to stop that stuck-up rich girl Penelope from ruining her good name and still make it to the basketball finals? The fate of the entire universe- and Betty's report card- is in your hands.

* Enjoy retro-cool visuals and quirky characters based on Teletoon and Cartoon Network's hit series.

* Have fun with all your favortie characters including Betty, Sparky, X-5, Maximus I.Q., Minimus, Noah Paloma and Purrsy.

* Play with THREE characters at the same time and work together to rid the galaxy of evil! Choose from Betty, Sparky, X-5, Noah or Paloma.

* Defeat the evil Maximus I.Q. and other villains across the galaxy with an arsenal of gadgets and skills: incapacitating kung fu attacks, running slide, grappling hook, jet pack and more.

* Hurtle through the cosmos from the cockpit of Betty's Hyper-Galactic Star Cruiser. Blast through any asteroids or baddies that get in your way.