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OGRE Designer's Edition Board Game by Steve Jackson Games



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  • Platform: Card & Board Games , Collectibles
  • Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
  • Developer: Steve Jackson Games

Product Details:

Ogre was Steve Jackson's first game. It's a fastmoving, hex-based wargame in which the defender has a force of armor and infantry. The attacker has a single giant tank, the Ogre, with many guns . . . and it can only be destroyed a piece at a time. Originally published in 1977, it was a hit as the first "Microgame," and is now considered a classic. Over 25 years after its release, Ogre earned a spot in James Lowder's popular book Hobby Games: The 100 Best.

The giant tank rumbles toward its target . . . its guns are destroyed, its movement crippled, but only a few defenders are left. Will they stop the robot juggernaut, or will it crush the Command Post beneath its gigantic treads?

The Box

The Designer's Edition box is 20" by 24" by more than 5.75" deep, and weighs approximately 25 pounds, because it's stuffed full of maps and counters.

The Maps

There are five giant-sized mapboards . . . one for the original Ogre, and four even larger (28 1/2" X 33" each) from the follow-on sets G.E.V., Shockwave, and Battlefields. Hexes are 1 1/2" across. Hundreds of small and large terrain overlays let you tweak the maps a little . . . or a lot. The four large maps are geomorphic, so you can set up a game area more than 4 X 5 feet, or more than 2 X 11 feet . . . and rearrange it in thousands of combinations!

The Counters

Ogre has 32 counter sheets, each over 9" X 11". The regular counters are giant-sized, full-color, and twosided, with highly legible unit names and stats. There are hundreds of flat armor and infantry counters for various factions, 1.5mm thick, and that's only the beginning . . .

3-D Counters

The gigantic Ogres, as well as the laser towers, Command Posts, and other buildings, are represented by oversized, constructible 3-D counters. There are more than 30 Ogres in the set! These are not thin plastic, but heavy 2mm cardstock, printed on both sides. The biggest Ogres are over 4" long! The box includes a custom insert to hold the assembled units, so you won't have to break them down once you build them.

The Rules

The classic Ogre and G.E.V. rules (plus some of the material from later supplements) are completely revised and reorganized into a full-color rulebook. There's a separate scenario book, and a handy player reference sheet (two copies included). The books include both classic Ogre graphics and new art by Brandon Moore.

And More . . .

  • Record sheet masters for 12 different types of Ogre
  • Two custom 19mm acrylic dice
  • A reprint of the popular Ogre Blueprint Poster