The Venetian

Las Vegas, NV

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Experience the Ultimate Gamer/Geek Playground at our GameStop 2017 Expo

Get a one-day sneak peek at the hottest upcoming video games, as well as exciting new experiences never before seen! In this seven-hour, 250,000 square foot EXPO, get ready to:

Go Crazy with Over 90 Gaming and Collectibles Vendors

Is your favorite gaming or collectibles company going to be at the GameStop Expo? I bet they are! Click here to see our current list of confirmed vendors, with more to come!

Experience Virtual Reality

Get hands on with demos of Sony's new Virtual Reality platform PlayStation VR.

Take Part in the Ultimate Gamer Preview

You'll see an awesome array of over 50 new and unreleased playable games from top publishers such as: Activision, EA, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Square Enix, Ubisoft and many more! The only question is… what will you play first?

VIP Attendee SWAG Bag

Purchase a VIP Ticket to our GameStop Expo and you'll get in the fast lane to see all the latest and greatest. Plus, you'll receive a gamer SWAG bag including:

  • Five Night at 8-BIT CONSTRUCTION FIGURE from McFarlane
  • Pyramid America gaming posters
  • KontrolFreek Grips from KontrolFreek
  • Five Night at 8-BIT CONSTRUCTION FIGURE from McFarlane
  • Posters from Pryamid America
  • DW Socks from Everything Legwear