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NEOGEO X Gold Limited Edition by Tommo




  • Platform: Electronics
  • Publisher: Tommo
  • Developer: SNK Playmore USA
  • Category: Systems

Product Details:

The original Neo Geo home console was released in 1990 in Japan by SNK. It is the only system ever created that would allow a user to play a game at home, get to a level, save the level on a special memory card, then go to the Arcade and carry on playing where you left off. Let me be clear...these kids were COOL. The NEOGEO system was COOL, period. The Arcade to Home system set it apart the competition - there was nothing like it. But there was nothing like the price either. NEOGEO games were not identical to arcade ones, they WERE the Arcade games because the hardware was the same. Of course, all of that that came at a price. The NEOGEO AES was simply too expensive to be popular. But that didn't stop everyone from wanting one.... So do you want to relive your premier arcade past and save thousands of $$$$'s in the process? Welcome the NEOGEO X Gold System! With the Limited Edition Gold System, you get: NEOGEO X Handheld Sytem with NEOGEO X Game Card slot NEOGEO X Docking Station, NEOGEO X Arcade Stick. TV outputs are either via HDMI or RCA (AV).

HDMI Entertainment Docking Station for Handheld device, Handheld Portable Video Games Console & Authentic Arcade Experience Joystick.
  • Play Anywhere - At Home or on the Go
  • Advanced HDMI Docking Station with USB ports that also charges the NEOGEO X handheld system.
  • 2-Player mode possible with a second NEOGEO X Joystick (Sold Separately)
  • 4.3" Screen on the NEOGEO X handheld
  • 20 Built in classic NEOGEO games
  • Expandable Game Card Slot
  • Rechargeable Battery: 5-6 hours of play time.
  • Authentic Arcade Experience Joystick.

The 20 Licensed Games Include:

3 Count Bout

The Power. The Pain. The Glory. Lock horns with 10 of the world's most rambunctious wrestlers ever! In the ring, on the street, use your wits, ability, and various tools at your disposal to pummel, pound, bite, scratch, kick, and gouge your way to survival and the world championship. Master your surroundings, develop new attacks, and press those buttons in matches so brutal and real you'll be checking your own body for bruises and your own mouth for loose teeth. This isn't just another wrestling game, it's THE wrestling game, brought to you in 106 super-charged megabytes of NEO GEO power!

Alpha Mission II

The lunar nightmare of a bloody 200-year space war was thought to be over in the "original" ALPHA MISSION. But now with the advent of more technically sophisticated weapons, the evil "Fulvar" and his "Seven Star Alliance" have returned to destroy all planets that stand in their way of the ultimate target... Earth! Now in the year of 2525! Your mission as pilot of the new SYD-FX fighter is to use every weapon at your disposal to rid the galaxy once and for all of the evil that now dominates and threatens Earth. So suit up, hold your breath, and stand ready for unbelievable graphics and stereo sound that'll suck you into the far reaches of deep, dark inner space. Be prepared... you may never come back!

Art of Fighting

Being a great fighter takes more than strength and pain. You need wisdom and the need to win at any cost! Ryo Sakazaki's sister has been kidnapped and it leads to Ryo and Robert, two of the greatest fighters of all time, on the most dangerous search of their lives....The interrogations turn out to be more bloody than they like, but each answer leads them closer to the truth.

Baseball Stars 2

Power up and Play Ball! Baseball Stars 2 is baseball at its finest! A game made by players for players. Play in two leagues, Fighting and Exciting, against a global league of all-stars. Strike outs, stealing home, home runs, diving catches, and POWER hitting are just a few of the action-packed attractions found in this sequel of sequels!

Cyber Lip

Up until now, mankind has enjoyed their prosperity. Now they are facing trouble. CYBER-LIP, the state-of-the-art army computer is out of control. The cyborgs and aliens under its control are beginning to attack people. The government calls in Rick and Brooks to destroy CYBER-LIP!

Fatal Fury - King of Fighters

Fighting is one of the oldest sports of all time, for warriors being the BEST is the ultimate goal... But being the best can be Fatal. Bogard dedicated his entire life to just that! He trained hard and perfected his martial arts ability. City after city, Bogard defeated the top fighters and earned the right to challenge the notorious Geese Howard. The winner would be champion and would be crowned the "King of Fighters." Geese was overpowering and deadly. Bogard underestimated the vicious attacks of Geese. In the brutal battle, Geese kills the brave Bogard, without remorse... Bogard's sons, Andy and Terry, and his friend Joe Higashi were devastated. They swore a vengeance to their father's death. You must help them in their quest for revenge! Be Andy, Terry or Joe and journey from city to city to defeat their top fighters. Use their uncontrollable Fury to reach Geese and avenge Bogard's death in this 2-player simultaneous, 46 MEG, Head-to-Head fighting spectacular!

Fatal Fury Special

The GRANDMOTHER of all battles! 15 of the FATAL FURY series' top stars gather in the match of the millenium! Use the resurrected Geese Howard and Wolfgang Krauser in a dazzling 3D arena! All you have ever wanted in a fighting game is here in FATAL FURY SPECIAL!

King of Fighters 95

It's 1995. All the fighters of the past tournament remember the competition with fond memories, but now know that now that Rugal is dead, the tournament would die with him. That was, until seven of the eight teams began to receive invitations once again...

King of the Monsters

You've never witnessed or experienced wrestling action like that of the 6 brutal monsters that go for the kill in this 55 megs of growling stereo action! You and a friend battle it out! Or work together to beat the Neo Geo's choice of monster.

Last Resort

Suddenly the symbol of the space age, Space Colony, was attacked by a computer virus. Would human beings be ruined by the civilization of their own development? SOS! SOS! People cannot wait any longer for a rescue operation of last resort! Armed with the super weapon, Force, which guards and attacks by its special movements, fight against unknown mechanical bodies in this great new side-scrolling shooter!

League Bowling

The lanes are crowded every night with Big Time Pin Slammin' action! You call the shots selecting a right or left handed bowler. Determine ball weight, and develop the skills of the pro's as you skillfully throw a variety of shots that you control. Choose from 3 separate modes of play: Regulation, Flash!, or Strike 90. The real voice stereo sound of Mr. Bowl and the Pin Brothers will have you laughing all night long with more fun than the real lanes! So pop some refreshments and settle into 26-Megs of indoor sport like you've never seen before!

Magician Lord

Step into the sorcerer's world! Elta, the last descendant of the MAGICIAN LORD is on a journey to find the eight missing volumes of the Sorcerer's Books... To end the years of chaos and horror, and to help the land he loves.

Metal Slug

Death to the rebel army! A military coup 'etat broke out! The almighty tank 'Metal Slug' was plundered. Marco and Tarma, special work corps of the regular army with the mission to defeat the rebel army, advanced into the middle of the enemies!!

Mutation Nation

In the year 2050... Bio-chemistry and genetics has surpassed even our own imagination. A scientist who had been working on a bizarre genetic experiment is banned by his Superiors and suddenly, his bio-chemical laboratory collapses in a massive explosion. Years later, people become vulnerable to the same genetic virus... creating a nation of mutants... THE MUTATION NATION! Can you stop the mutation invasion?


It's the summer of 1975, and the roar of helicopters overhead drives home the harsh reality you've been pressed back into service in the army, assigned a special mission to rescue a scientist held prisoner in the darkest depths of Vietnam. Venture into the jungles with only a standard-issue weapon and a few grenades for protection. Aim your crosshairs to take out enemies before they do their worst to you. Pick up extra grenades and additional powerful weapons along the way and continue the battle. Succeed, and a hero's return awaits.


Once upon a time, the god of sun built a huge wall in the center of the "man's village" and the "woman's village" where they had been fighting for a long, long time. This caused even more trouble, in that the tower blocked all the sunlight to both villages. Rad and Am were sent to travel up the tower of sun full of various falling blocks.

Real Bout - Fatal Fury Special

The supreme trial of strength awaits! 19 of Fatal Fury's hottest heroes collide! One year since the fearsome conclusion to "Real Bout", the hungry wolves ready themselves for a new battle, "Real Bout Special" - the paramount pugilistic proving ground!

Samurai Showdown II

To be or not to be? You'll soon find out the answer! They've licked their wounds, improved their techniques, and now they're back! The world's 15 fiercest warriors clang steel in a fast and furious fest of fencing festivities. Use new characters and new feints of Fury to hack, slice, dice, and Julien fry your way to victory!

Super Sidekicks

Experience the roar of the crowd and the thrills of the stadium. SNK's live-action soccer game is here! Along with your Ace Striker and his array of sliding, overhead, and diving shots, lead your team to victory and seize the prized SNK Cup. Watch players perform miraculous overhead and diving shots, dazzle your opponent with gravity-defying dribbling. Avoid sliding defense players and bone-crushing blocks. Be overwhelmed with in-your-face action so real, you'll be washing the grass stains off your clothing when you're finished!

World Heroes Perfect

The 16 heroes are back! Press the ABC buttons simultaneously and the charachters secret tricks explode into action! Forced cancellation, the bluff, plenty of new tricks to try!

"In the spirit of retro gaming, we are presenting the Neo Geo X Gold Console Bundle. This bundle provides a retro experience designed to satisfy that sense of nostalgia that we feel from time to time. Plus, after two decades now it's affordable. The X Gold bundle comes complete with the home console for couch playing comfort and the handheld unit for gaming on the go. It's all you need to scratch that retro itch whenever and wherever you feel it. Plus, 20 classic Neo Geo games. So whether you remember when you first played Metal Slug or Fatal Fury or you want to know what all the fuss was about, now is the time to find out. Pick it up now! Power to the retro players!"
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