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HDP G401 Advanced DJ Headphones by Hercules



Online Only
  • Platform: Electronics
  • Publisher: Hercules
  • Developer: Hercules
  • Category: Accessories , Headsets & Mics

Product Details:

HDP DJ-Adv G401 Advanced DJ headphones: DJing with style & comfort.

Drivers tailored for analytic listening: great for DJ monitoring, studio and production
  • 100 dB at 1 mW sensitivity: enough decibels to preview even close to PA speakers
  • 32 ohm drivers: strong playback level on any audio source
  • 15 Hz - 22 kHz: wide frequency bandwidth, to monitor all audible frequencies
  • 50 mm diameter drivers: clear playback for deep bass response
Stylish design
  • 1-curve design: headphones form a curve from one ear to the other
  • Black fabric, glossy black housing with red lines, glossy plating on top of ear-cups
Swivel housing for any use and any DJ
  • Easy 1-ear monitoring
  • Easy folding and mobility
  • Extending arms for large and small heads
Effective passive noise cancelling
  • Soft, large ear pads: isolate the DJ's ears from ambient noise
  • Closed-back ear-cups prevent sound from bleeding out
Comfortable for long-wearing listening
  • Headphones don't press on the user's head, thanks to the ear pads' width and
  • softness, forming a barrier around the ears
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Technical specifications
  • 100 dB at 1 mW
  • 15 Hz - 22 kHz: wide frequency range
Powerful drivers
  • 32 ohm impedance
  • 32 ohm impedance
  • Large aperture
  • 1.97"/50 mm driver diameter
Convenient cabling
  • 6.5'/2 m cable
  • 1/8"/3.5 mm stereo mini-jack plug
  • 1/4"/6.35 mm stereo jack adapter
Mechanical specifications
  • 3 rotation axes:
  • Earpieces: vertical rotation (180 degrees) for easy 1-ear monitoring
  • Earpiece supports: horizontal rotation (90 degrees) for folding and transport, and to direct the earpiece toward the user's ear when headphones are worn around the neck
  • Earpiece supports: vertical rotation (90 degrees) inward to fold the headphones for transport
Plug: Single-wire, left side (fixed) BOX CONTENTS
  • DJ headphones
  • 1/8" to 1/4" plug adapter
  • Straight connection cable
  • DJ Abbreviation of Disc Jockey: a person who selects and plays music at a party.
  • Mini-jack / 3.5mm jack Mini-jack is also referred to as a 3.5mm jack or 1/8" connector. A mini-jack connector is a mono or stereo connector used to connect audio inputs or outputs on mass market sound cards.

Important Information:

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