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Puyo POP Fever by Atlus




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  • Mild Language
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Atlus
  • Developer: Atlus U.S.A
  • Category: Puzzle & Cards

Product Details:

Based on the popular anime series currently in its second season on Adult Swim, BLEACH: Dark Souls features an enhanced battle system that takes the video game series to a whole new level. With new online multiplayer options and enhanced battle strategies, players can fight in dramatic high-action sword clashes via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as one of 44 characters. The branching storyline created exclusively for the Nintendo DS allows players to fight on the side of good or evil for the first time in the series as the evil "Hollows" have finally found a way to infiltrate Soul Society.

* DS Exclusive! Play up to 8 players with Single-Card download play!

* DS Exclusive! Unique touch screen controls!

* Play as any one of 14 crazy characters.

* New puzzle pieces feature triple and quadruple sets.

* Customize your Puyo POP game to your liking!

* Jump right into the action or learn advanced techniques in the training course.