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Polar Bowler by Mumbo Jumbo




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  • No Descriptors
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Mumbo Jumbo
  • Developer: Mumbo Jumbo
  • Category: Sports , Bowling

Product Details:

Additional handling fees may apply. Join the coolest group of characters to ever hit the lanes for some Arctic fun as they slide their way onto the Nintendo DS. Polar Bowler has crazy action and loads of friendly characters straight from the Arctic North. With just the touch of your stylus, you can control the action as you steer Polar Bowler around obstacles and watch him plunge head first into the pins.


  • The funniest and most entertaining bowling game yet
  • Use arcade-style power-ups to multiply your score and knock down pins
  • Steer your Arctic buddy around obstacles while collecting power-ups
  • Seven challenging lanes and six characters to choose from