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Pet Pals: Animal Doctor by Majesco




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  • Mild Blood
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Majesco
  • Developer: Majesco
  • Category: Simulation

Product Details:

Additional handling fees may apply. In Pet Pals: Animal Doctor, players will learn the techniques required to diagnose and treat 23 different lovable pets, including a Yorkshire terrier, python, turtle, parakeet, rabbit, Siamese cat and hamster. To do so, players must successfully administer more than 40 Touch Screen tests while interacting with stressed patients and concerned pet owners. Thirty different medical cases, from hairballs to infections to broken bones, were created by real veterinarians and lend authenticity to the game play. After treatment, players can feed, clean and play with their patients in the Recovery Room to help improve each animal's spirits as it heals.

  • Use the Touch Screen to administer over 40 different tests, interact with patients and owners, treat animals in recovery, and more!
  • Examine and treat 23 different animals, including Yorkshire terrier, python, turtle, parakeet, rabbit, Siamese cat and hamster.
  • Diagnose 30 medical cases created by real vets, from simple infections to heartworms to complex blood disorders.
  • Pamper patients in the Recovery Room. Bandage, feed, clean and play with hurt patients. And don't forget to keep the kennel clean!
  • Make your way to the top through 5 groups of patients, each more demanding than the last.
  • Perform perfect treatments to earn trophies for the trophy case.
  • Question distraught pet owners to learn crucial background information about each case.
  • Learn about animals through mini-games played on the office computer, like Memory, Trivia Quiz and Jigsaw Puzzle.