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Myst by Storm City Games




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  • No Descriptors
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Storm City Games
  • Developer: CokeM Interactive
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

The Tale of Despereaux: The Game is an exciting action/platform game proving sometimes the smallest beings can be the biggest heroes! Play as Despereaux Tilling, and live the adventure of a small but brave mouse who must use all of his wit and courage to save Princess Pea from the darkness of Rat World.

  • An all-new age - The Rime Age, is a new Arctic world for DS players to explore as they endeavor to uncover clues and solve the mysteries of MYST.
  • New interface - The game uses the stylus as the key method of interaction and takes advantage of the dual screens to enhance game play. The upper screen provides information and allows players to view magnified images while the bottom screen is used to access mini-tools and navigate throughout MYST.
  • New mini-tools - Players have a new arsenal of tools at their disposal including a magnifying glass, camera, notebook and map.
  • Magnifying glass - With this tool, players can closely inspect clues and items as well as interact with them.
  • Camera - The camera allows players can take a snapshot to use for future reference.
  • Notebook - Players can keep notes in their diary as they travel through MYST.
  • Map - The map can aid in exploration by pinpointing key locations.
  • Original soundtrack - The players experience is enhanced by new music and sound effects that add to the realism of the game.